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Erin Anderson

Who I Am


I am committed to serving people by helping them to become their best selves through focusing on integrative health and wellness. I have spent my life studying how we express ourselves and move through our lives. Through dance, movement, massage, and energy work I help people connect with who they really are underneath all the complexity and tension we hold.

I know what it is like to push hard and end up sick, or worse. At a young age, my body demanded that I figure out a more holistic, balanced approach to my body and my life. The levels of pushing (which I thought to be high performing) were only hurting me. There was a better way.

I am a licensed professional counselor and board-certified Dance/Movement Therapist. With a masters degree in Somatic Counseling/Psychology and Dance/Movement Therapy, I worked as a dance/movement therapist at Children's Hospital Colorado, facilitating group and individual therapy for children and adolescents for close to a decade. I own a studio in Denver, Colorado called Communitas,  where I work with groups and individuals to promote healing through relational connection. At Communitas we offer Reiki training, movement meditation, group and individual therapy, and many other integrative, holistic experiences.  I studied dance formally in college and created my own major integrating how dance communicates culture. I have been studying, teaching, and choreographing dance ever since. I have studied dance and culture in several countries - Rwanda, South Africa, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Russia and Ukraine, just to name a few.

With 17 years of experience in bodywork (including therapeutic massage, Reiki, and structural integration), I bring awareness of the connection between mind, body and spirit to all my work. I seek to combine all my training and experiences to create a diverse, holistic, and compassionate model of health and wellness. I hope to empower people of all ages to develop positive relationships with their bodies and to express emotion safely through dance and movement.

I added this certification into my training because it is the glue that binds all my passions together. It offers a clear framework for improving our lives. Certified High Performance Coaching™ is “science-backed and heart-centered”*.

I have learned what it takes to get to the next level – at home, work, or life. I know what motivates me to be my best and I am driven to help people find their own inner map and motivation.

My goal is to help you find “a new sense of vital energy and confidence from knowing where to focus your energies and how to serve most effectively.” *

 I look forward to learning who you are and who you want to be!



*Brendon Burchard  



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