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Choreographing Our Lives

I help soulful professional women who have been put in a box for too long to have the belief, tools and practices to enjoy the body they’re in, release the artist within, and finally experience the adventures
they’ve been yearning for. Is this you?

2020 has pushed many of us to places, both internally and externally, that we have never been before. Many of us were forced to look in the mirror at ourselves, our habits, and our lives, and were unsatisfied with what we saw.

What does "Choreographing our Lives" have to do with this?

Together, we can break out of societal boxes, and get more control over our lives so that in these crazy unpredictable times so we can express our emotions, creativity, and adventurous nature again. 

We have been told, "be well behaved, be a good girl, be appropriate, be professional, don't be so sensitive, follow the rules, there's only one way to do things, you're making it up, it's all in your head, don't make such a big deal out of things," ... the list goes on. 

What have you been told?
How did this separate you from your original creativity as a creative child? 
What would it be like to tap into that energy again?

When we confront and change limiting beliefs, we have new control over our lives, clarity about our meaningful impact, and newfound boundaries regarding what we will and will not put up with. We then courageously stand for what we believe in. We need people in the world like this.
We need you.

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